Petr Cech disappointed with Arsenal’s performance

Petr Cech says defeat to Watford was a huge disappointment to him and hamstrung Arsenal chance to  win this season’s Premier League.

At Saturday, Chelsea draw with Liverpool meant that if Arsenal beated Watford, they would have been within six points of the leaders.

However Watford scored two back-to-back goals, and Arsenal only managed to get one in the second half.


“This was a huge setback because this was the game we wanted to win.

“We wanted to put ourselves in a better position going into the weekend. I always say that at this level you cannot play 80 minutes, or 85. You have to play 90 minutes with full concentration and everybody on top of their game.

“We were second best in the first half. We made so many bad passes, we lost every challenge, we were simply second best, as I said.

“In the second half we improved, we had a lot of chances. I thought we were brilliant second half, but obviously we only scored one goal.”

He was beaten by a deflection which resulted in Younes Kaboul’s goal and said: “We had a very bad start. Obviously it gave a lot of hope and motivation to Watford’s side because this was something that lifted them up.

“But then I think we didn’t play well at all. It was too much for us to take in the first half and it’s very hard to say why because we were prepared.”