Shocking: Terrorist attack in Louvre stopped by french soldier

The terrorist attacked a security patrol shouting “Allahu Akbar” and was shot by a french soldier.

He was trying to gain access to the Louvre shopping center and was shot in the abdomen.

This incident happened at 10:00 local time in the Louvre’s shopping center which was leading to the entrance of the museum.

The Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that this attack was the work of terrorists.

The terrorist was assailed by a patrol of four soldiers using non lethal force, after he rushed at them.

However this failed and one of the soldiers started shooting and stopped the man in his tracks. Later he was taken in hospital.

There is a image circulating the French media which shows the terrorist lying on the ground surrounded by the group of armed soldiers.

He had two rucksacks that were inspected but no explosives were found. There is little information about the suspect, he had no identity papers and it is believed he is in his 30s.

Many visitors were held in the secure areas before they were evacuated.


As the attack occurred they were told to crouch down.

A woman that works in a restaurant close to the attack, said: “We saw death coming for us, with everything that’s happening at the moment. We were very, very scared.”

France has been improving its security since the first terroristic attacks happened in 2015. Thousand of troops were mobilized to patrol the streets.

The first such attack happened by suicide bombers and armed man from the Islamic State, killed 130 people and injured many more in November 2015.

January 2016, attack occurred at the Charlie Hebdo magazine and 17 people were killed in the shootings.

In July, another attack happened when a big truck plowed through the crowds and killed 86 people on Bastille Day in Nice.