Wenger believes that the big games will decide the season for Arsenal

Wenger admitted that the unsuspected loss from Watford this Tuesday took its toll, putting them 9 points behind the leaders.

The Arsenal manager wants his players to win against Chelsea so he can cut the gap between them. His team also has matches against teams like Liverpool, Tottenham, City and Manchester United further in the season’s campaign.

Even with so many big games left, he refuses to lose his hopes of taking the title.


“We have already beaten Chelsea in the first game, 3-0, so let’s come out on Saturday and show that was not an accident.

“It is an opportunity that you want to take. We have many big games coming up, if you look at our programme until the end of the season we have many, many big games.

“I would say basically our destiny lies in how well we deal with the big games. People are questioning us and you have to respond in a big game or people will question you even more.

“We are here to win football games for Arsenal Football Club and not to worry about the criticism because criticism is normal. People who love the club want you to win the games and you have to deal with that situation.”

He mentioned after Watford match that they were not prepared for such an outcome, as they took 2 goals in the first 15 minutes.

Wenger said that his players were focused, but were not ready for the decisive battles in midfield.

“But honestly I know the team well and I haven’t seen any obvious sign of lack of focus before the game – but subconsciously we have to accept it.

“Do you know what I call being mentally prepared? When you’re a football player, you prepare your mind and your body for the difficulty you will face.

“So when you are beaten in decisive duels, somewhere you are not what I call mentally prepared. You must imagine in your head what you will face and prepare for it.”

He admitted that the loss was excruciating for him and his team, but did not wanted to hide from the media.


Source: skysports.com