Gita – Italian company Piaggio’s cargo delivering robot

Piaggio, a Italian company known for their Vespa scooters, created a cargo robot  called  Gita.

It looks like a cross between a ball and a tire and has multiple cameras inside. It is capable of following you or rolling in an environment it has already mapped .Standing at slightly over 2 feet and capable of carrying 40 pounds, it can achieve a speed of 22 mph. Gita can run for 8 hour continuous.

One of the people who worked on the project, Greg Lynn talked about why they build the bot. He said, “We come from a world of lightweight, two and three-wheeled cycles, scooters and mini trucks. Everything we do is lightweight and made for highly congested cities, like Bangkok or Hanoi, where traffic is a real problem. We wanted to extend people’s movement and encourage them to move more freely and easily, even in congested environments.”

The robot has taken another route of how to operate in traffic compared to other delivery drone makers on the market. The Gita learns the environment by following a human around and learning how to navigate. Because of its design, it can go in many places like elevators and grocery store aisles.

If by some reason the robot is not allowed inside, the makers build it to be able to park outside. You need a fingerprint scan and a code to open  and start it. One of the makers said, “Gita is also covered with cameras, and sensors and always knows where it is. It’d be the dumbest thing in the world to try to steal or break into.”

Piaggio are going to make pilot tests in the following 6 months in the US campuses and towns. Gita is going to assist people with maintenance, gardening and carrying heavy loads, helping people do their jobs more efficiently.