Trump try to restore his ban was suspended

Trump ban on travel will be suspended until the case has been heard by the US federal court.

The federal court gave the president time until Monday to present new arguments.

A couple of states argued that the ban on Muslim countries was unconstitutional.


The Justice Department said that Judge James Robart overreached his rights and only the president can decide who can enter or leave the US.

On Friday, the Department argued that states can not challenge the executive order from the president.

The Washington and Minnesota lawyers said that the prohibition was against the constitution because it denied people with valid documents to enter or leave the country. It also violated Muslim religion rights by targeting them.

One of the banned countries, Iraq has applauded the decision to remove the ban. They also allowed an US wrestling team to compete in the World Cup they host this month.

They were denied access because of Trump’s actions.


Trump called the decision by the Judge absurd and wanted to restore the ban.

Since Friday

, visa holders are furiously trying to get flights to the US, because they may not be able if they wait any longer.

The officials told the airlines could transport banned travelers. The major airlines like Etihad Airways, Quatar Airways and Lufthansa agreed to do so.

The travel ban caused much confusion across US and the airports when it came into force.

It gave 90 day visa suspension to the people  from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

This ban also suspended the funding for the US refugee programme and put an indefinitive ban on Syrian refugees.

The outcome was myriad of protests around the world and United States.