Tech companies filed a document against Trump ban

A legal document was filed by a very large amount of  US tech companies, saying that the President’s ban on immigration affected their operations dearly and it will harm the business.

97 companies signed the document at Sunday in Washington, amongst them big names like Facebook, Apple,Twitter and Microsoft.

The document itself is an amicus curiae, that allows the companies that are not directly involved to give their weight of view on the case.

The President Trump executive order stopped the US refugee programme for 4 months, banned for an undetermined time all Syrian refugees and forbid the access to United States for seven Muslim countries.

A federal judge this Friday issued a temporary restricting order, that allow people from the banned Muslim countries to  enter the US until the whole case has been heard.

Because of this move, Trump believes that the national security is compromised.

“Of course, the federal government can and should implement targeted, appropriate adjustments to the nation’s immigration system to enhance the nation’s security,” reads the company’s document.

“But a broad, open-ended ban – together with an indication that the ban could be expanded to other countries without notice – does not fit the goal of making the country more secure. Instead, it will undermine American interests.”

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