The first transistor driven by heat has been created

The world first heat driven transistor has been created by scientists.

 “We are the first in the world to present a logic circuit, in this case a transistor, that is controlled by a heat signal instead of an electrical signal,” says Professor Xavier Crispin of the Linköping University.

This new invention opens many possibilities such as detecting small temperature differences or being used for monitoring the healing process in medicine.

It can be used for production of circuits that can be controlled by heat from infrared light. The device possess very high heat sensitivity, up to hundred times more than conventional thermoelectrics.Because of this just a single connector to the transistor circuit is enough. This connector can be used with a transistor to build a smart pixel.

Using a matrix of such pixels can be useful in detecting infrared  radiation in heat cameras.With further development a low cost heat camera for your phone can be build, which will be pretty safe.

This heat driven transistor was a result of a research for creating a super-capacitator charged by the sun’s beams. In it the heat is converted to electricity and stored for later use.

The scientists, after much research using different polymers created a liquid electrolyte 100 times better that current ones. It consists of positively charged ions which are fast moving, and negatively charged polymer molecules that are big and cumbersome. If one of the sides is heated, the tiny ions move to the cold part and the voltage differs.

“When we had shown that the capacitor worked, we started to look for other applications of the new electrolyte,” says Xavier Crispin.

A research engineer and a lecturer, Dan Zhao and Simone Fabiano, have been experimenting for many hours showing that it is possible building electronic circuits that can be run by heat signals.

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