The new Germany president is Frank Walter Steinmeier

Frank Walter Steinmeier, who was the former German foreign minister, has been elected president from the parliament assembly.

He is a 61 year old Social Democrat and one of the most popular politicians.

While the president post is mostly ceremonial, it still carries moral weight and represents Germany abroad.

While the US election campaign was running, Steinmeier described Trump as a hate preacher and expects more challenging confrontations with US in the future.

He has also taken a stance against politicians who use fear as a driving factor, and he is against right-wing populism.

The election


Steinmeier was elected by the Federal assembly meeting in Berlin, winning with 931 votes out of 1260.

Lawmakers and other representatives from the various sixteen states in Germany were represented there.

The more colorful characters amongst them were Joachim Loew, the national football coach, and Olivia Jones, a drag queen that was sent to vote by the Green Party situated in Lower Saxony.

His previous occupation was a foreign minister for Germany for the last 8 years. His two terms where served under the Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a coalition of Christian and Social Democrats.

Steinmeier election to presidency is seen from Social Democrats as a boon, as their goal is to remove Merkel in the September elections.

The previous president, Joachim Gauck decided against going for another term due to his advanced age.

He was a former pastor and civil rights activist in the communist East Germany.

Christian Democrates led by Merkel failed to find a candidate for the president’s post, and because of that they backed Steinmeier.

Other people that were at the election list for presidency were Christoph Butterwegge from the Left party, and Albert Glaser from the anti-immigrant alternative for Germany.

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