Marvelous star death captured by Hubble in the ‘rotten egg’ nebula

Named OH 231.8+04.2 or also known as the Calabash Nebula, is a. stunning example of a demise of a low mass star not unlike our Sun. The image that was taken by the  NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope pictures the star going from its red giant phase to a planetary nebula. During this transition the star blew its outer layers of gas and dust in the neighboring space.

The fast moving material was blurt out in all directions at speeds reaching over 1 million kilometers per hour or 631,371 miles per hour.

Its truly rare for such a nebulous event to be captured due to its remarkably short time in astronomical terms. In the course of the next thousands of years it will turn into a full-fledged planetary nebula.

This cloud of gas is also known as the Rotten egg nebula, because it contains large amount of sulfur, an element  that is responsible for the smell that rotten eggs cause. It is located in the constellation Puppis at 5000 light years away from our home planet.