The new generation 5G wireless networks are coming


The 5G New Radio, which is a next generation wireless network, is going to come a year sooner than expected from most large companies.

The companies that wanted standard for the new coming 5G are mostly wireless carriers and device makers from the 3GPP group – Qualcomm, Intel, AT&T, Sprint.

“For consumers, this means they’re going to get an elevated broadband experience in 2019,” said Rasmus Hellberg in a interview from CNET.

Alot of carriers, most notably AT&T have been pushing the 5G network to come as fast as possible. It is expected to be a hundred times faster than current 4G LTE and 10 times faster than Google Fiber. Experts say that this will enable stuff like virtual and augmented reality, and substantially increase the speed of our phones.

On Sunday, Qualcomm disclosed the new modem technology that combines 5G and all previous networks in one chip. Those processors will be available in time for the deployment of 5G in 2019.

They revealed their Snapdragon X50 chip that only connects to early standard carriers like Verizon and Korea Telecom.

Phones have chips that allow them to connect to older networks if the 5G signal is weak. However some devices will need second wireless chip to do that.

The first X50 processor is going to be available in phones at the time of the Winter Olympics 2018 in South Korea.

The newer X50 chips will be able to connect both to 5G and 4G so they can always have strong wireless signal.

Qualcomm said that the chips will first appear for mobile devices.

“We’re squarely targeting new family of modems at premium tier mobile devices first,” said Sherif Hanna, Qualcomm staff manager of technical marketing. “Thereafter, everything we’ve learned from mobile can extend to non-mobile applications … [such as] fixed wireless broadband.”