The pregnant hip hop singer Ciara came unharmed after a car accident

Ciara, the hip hop singer, assured her fans that she was unharmed after a car accident in Friday.

The star singer, who is pregnant with her second child, was driving in Los Angeles. When she turned left with her Mercedes SUV, she got hit by a gray Volvo SUV on the passenger’s side. Photos taken after the accident shows that she is fine and has not suffered any injuries.

According to a witness “The driver was illegally in the bus lane and hit the right side of her car.” However both the singer and the driver didn’t suffered any injuries.

After this unfortunate accident, Ciara and her husband wrote on their Twitter that she and her child are fine.

The couple announced that they will have a child in October 2016, just three months after their wedding. Ciara has one son named Zahir.

She recently posted a video where her 2 y/o son and her husband shared a message in support of women’s equality.