Exclusive: Researchers shown easy way how to hack your phone

New study shows how easily your phone can be hacked using sound waves.

Researchers from the University of Michigan how audio tones can send false information to the phone’s accelerometer. Accelerometers are found in phones and other tech gadgets that they our devices where are they located.

Researcher Timothy Trippel said that those devices rely on sensors much like our ears,eyes and noses. By sending false information this can wreak havoc on their systems.

“If autonomous systems can’t trust their senses, then the security and reliability of those systems will fail,” said Trippel.

Attacks on gadgets using sound waves aren’t new – scientists from the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology crashed helicopter-like drones using the same approach.

The results

caused by the American researchers are at best minor. They made a Galaxy S5 to type the word “WALNUT’ in the accelerometer’s readings and made the step trackers tracks steps that were not made.

However, with something simple as sound waves hackers can bug your phone.

The reason accelerometers can be attacked is because they vibrate. This means that hackers can use same frequency waves to destroy the accelerometer. The researchers from Michigan University decided just to play with the phone and Fitbit tracker.

This is possible because they sent signals to the phone to do an action.

Samsung, one of the largest of phone makes, didn’t respond immediately. Fitbit said in an email that this kind of attacks dont put personal information at risk.

“What is being described is simply a way to game the system,” the email says. “We continue to explore solutions that help mitigate the potential for this type of behavior.”

The scientists also suggested a couple of ways how to protect your phones from the hackers. One of them is putting sound-dampening foam around the sensors.

Source: cnet.com